What Ticket Type Should I Select?

When creating a new ticket via the PhySoft® support site, it is necessary to choose the type of ticket.  So what are the types of tickets and which one is the most appropriate?

There are four values for type: Question, Incident, Problem, and Task. Setting the type helps to categorize your tickets, which allows us to handle the tickets more effectively.

Question is used to indicate that the your issue is a question rather than a problem that needs to be solved.

Incident is used for occurrences of a problem that affect more than one person. For example, if PhySoftAMS® stops working for everyone in your office, this would probably cause several people to submit Problem tickets. Instead of entering a Problem ticket for each person, create an Incident ticket. If there are more than one, we will merge the tickets together into one.

Problem is used to indicate that you are having a specific issue with PhySoftAMS® that needs to be resolved.

Task is used when you want to request a specific action be taken, such as requesting a custom report be run.


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